Buckets of Care


We have set a goal to send 25 buckets to help assist those who have been affected by the flooding in Texas. You can bring your bucket or buckets to the church and leave it by the display table adjacent to the welcome center.  

Below you can find a video and a list of all the items that are in 1 bucket. There is a link at the bottom so you are able to print off of the list as well. Each bucket MUST have a Mud Out in a Minute included. You will find a link for the the Mud Out in Minute sheet below. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office. 


Bucket of Care for Flood Victims

Safety Equipment

6 pair – exam gloves (hypoallergenic) 2 pair – leather gloves
2 pair – safety goggles
4 – dust masks


1 – utility knife with extra blades 1 – chalk line with chalk
6 – Teri cloth rags
1 – flashlight and 6 batteries

1 – 6' or 12’ measuring tape
1 – twist nozzle for a garden hose

First Aid

1 – bottle Anti-Bacterial hand wash 1 – bottle Hydrogen peroxide
1 – bottle Alcohol
1 – antibiotic cream

1 – box Band aides

Place all of the above into a 5-gallon bucket along with a copy of the homeowner instructions – Mud Out in a Minute on top, and close with lid.

Buckets of Care List                                                                                    Mud Out in a Minute Sheet